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What's at your Core?

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Oct 15, 2019 10:40:49 AM


EarthCorePicDoes anybody know if they still require Middle School students to create a Science project around the Earth’s core? Those late nights when parents assist, (or complete, because they want you to get a good grade) where participants are full of excitement, anxiety and covered in lots of plaster of Paris or modeling clay. To refresh your memory, the earth’s layers are the Crust, the Mantle, and the Outer and Inner core. Yes, I did need to look it up!


apple in red half beaten isolated over a white backgroundThis might sound silly, but have you ever thought about the core of an apple? The apple has its own set of layers. You have the outer skin (if you have picky kids, you need to peel that off before serving), the meaty flesh which is so tasty, and the Core. In this scenario, think about that poor Core. It just gets thrown away 90% of the time, unless you have one of those fancy juicers. There is apparently a small bit of cyanide in the seeds, but you’d have to eat over 150 apples in a short period of time for it to have any adverse effect on your health. The Core has gotten a bad rap on so many levels.


In looking at these examples, it correlates indirectly to the various layers of a business. Gee, we even named our company with Core in mind. When you take a look at the outer crust of a business, you hope that it represents and protects what’s underneath – the core values they stand by, and the core competencies they execute on each day. This is something we strive for, even amidst the ever-changing print industry and the technology that goes with it.


Let’s look at our core:

  • One- and 2-color book printer, since the late 1800s, with both offset and digital solutions
  • Committed to quality work, focusing on lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement initiatives
  • State-of-the-art Equipment, both hardware and software technologies
  • A customer service team that excels in communicating with our partners on a daily basis


Thomson Reuters has a set of values that go even deeper than our core competencies. Here are just a few: Trust, Integrity, Transparency. We don’t throw away the Core. We want to nurture all of the seeds that helped us grow to the business we are today. Core Publishing Solutions:  Flexible, Scalable, Reliable.



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