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"It's all in the wrist . . . I mean, the List!"

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Mar 26, 2020 10:29:54 AM

BPM services at your fingertips!

When someone says, “Gee, it’s all in the wrist” they are usually touting their specific expertise. The 
male golfer in putting green about to put the ball in the holephrase dates way back to the late 1800s, in reference to tennis skills. But, be it tennis pro, golfer, magician, bowler, there are famous people who say this as a means to be humble, yet acknowledging your compliments regarding their ability. Let me tell you, I’ve got some mean miniature golfing skills!

In my normal fashion, I went searching to see how many times I can recall hearing this famous phrase iterated in a movie. I scanned the decades, and found a few that I have viewed. How many of these movies do you recognize “it’s all in the wrist” being used? (I would love to hear if any others popped into your head.) By the way, I am a movie buff, and have an extensive personal library. I could open up my own local Blockbuster franchise.

  • Miracle on 34th Street, when Kris showed the “fake” Santa how to use the whip to drive the reindeer during the Macy’s Day parade
  • Sabrina – 1955 version with Audrey Hepburn. She said “New egg. It’s all in the wrist.”
  • Octopussy – 1993 with Roger Moore as James Bond
  • Tron – Legacy – by Jeff Bridges
  • And even in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs II, while the son learned how to fish.
  • There's a spin-off of the phrase (maybe a stretch) in Happy Gilmore, where he says "It's all in the hips!"

Blue Mailbox with Mails Isolated on WhiteIn our case, “it’s all in the list!”
We are experts in processing mailing lists!

Large or small, single unit packaging, or multi-pack. You could say, but Vickie, it’s all in your head . . . but no, I assure you, I am not making this up.


When it comes to List Processing, "It’s all in the little details,"
and here are just a handful:

1. We will run a provided list through CASS services to verify that the list complies with USPS address / zip+4 rules.

2. If needed, we can process through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to guarantee you are not sending product to bad addresses.

3. What packaging needs are required? We have lots of options!

4. Is there a certain type of label template that is needed for your packages? We have many templates on hand, and will create a custom label if needed.

5. We can handle both domestic and international addresses, at below published shipping rates!

6. All services provided by our dedicated Distribution team.

If you are looking to send out to your pre-sales book list, newsletter or magazine list, or even distribute an educational book to your students across the globe, we are here for you.

AND . . . if your needs include warehousing and distribution services, that's one our expertise's, too. We have over 500,000 square feet of space, and currently manage 90,000+ SKUs from one location. Check out this link for more details. Delivering your Products through CPS

"It's all part of the experience" . . . the CPS experience.


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BINDERS, BINDERS, everywhere!

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Nov 19, 2019 8:00:17 AM


BINDER (definitions) Noun.

Business word in dictionary emphazised by a magnifying glass
  1. A substance used to make other substances or materials stick or mix together.
  2. A reaping machine that binds grain into sheaves.
  3. A short document showing an agreement between a buyer and seller.
  4. An informal agreement that gives insurance coverage while you are waiting for a policy to be formally issued.
  5. Someone who binds.


The list goes on and on. When I looked up the word, I couldn’t believe the results I found. How can a simple noun be used in so many unique ways? This blog research did trigger another childhood memory. Growing up in a small town in North Dakota, if we ever asked my 6th grade teacher what a word meant, she would look at us and say (with her head bobbling to and fro) “Ask Mr. Webster.” In the 21st Century version of the story, that same request could be met with “just Ask Dr. Google!” I know that he is my best friend.


This Thanksgiving, I will be using seasoned bread crumbs as a Binder in my Mom’s famous Swedish Meatball recipe. It is a family favorite. I need to be sure I don’t forget the 3 tablespoons of milk or cream to allow those bread crumbs to expand. Otherwise, there could be a family feud to get the last one, because there won’t be as many in the slow cooker.


Ball of rubber bands isolated over a white backgroundThe one definition of Binder that is not listed in any printed or on-line dictionary that I could find AND is one that totally took me by surprise, was introduced when I moved to Minnesota. I asked a colleague if they had any binders, because I was printing out a user manual and I wanted to keep it together. I was dumbfounded when they delivered a handful of Rubber Bands! NO, I wanted a Binder, like a Three-Ring Binder, maybe 1” thick. I have lived here for over 25 years, and I still haven’t adjusted to that one.


Here at Core Publishing Solutions, we epitomize definition number 5 (v) – Someone who binds.
We have many binders (not just the rubber variety):

  • Muller Martini Hybrid Alegro Binder with 27 pockets
  • Kolbus Binder with 40 pockets
  • Muller Martini Binder with 40 pockets
  • Horizon BQ470 Perfect Binder for shorter run Book projects
  • Magnum Flexbook Binder for Inkjet Digital Book Blocks


Depending on the book, after it is gathered or glued, it can be finished in many ways – Perfect Bind, Burst Bind (case adhesive), Smyth Sewn, then Cased-in, and Dust Jacketed. Even these binders “make other substances or materials stick or mix together” just like the bread crumbs in my Meatballs! By the way, if you’d like my recipe, click here.


If you ever find yourself In A Bind, and need a Binder, please look to Core Publishing Solutions. I think we might have the right Binder for you! For more detailed information on all of our offerings, you can download our Guide To Book Manufacturing!

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Have you ever judged a Book by its Cover?

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Jul 24, 2019 9:23:41 AM

The English idiom "don't judge a book by its cover" is a phrase that means we shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something by only its outward appearance. That said, how many of us have done just that . . . literally?

I think about the numerous times I browse a book stores' shelves, and the "pretty" covers are the first things that jump out at me -- taunting me to look inside the dust jacket of a hard cover book, or immediately flip a paperback on its back, to read the summary and reviews of other famous authors. The pretty cover ploy drew me in, just like they thought it would.

In fact, I'm not just drawn to fancy book covers, I am fascinated by them, dissecting them to determine how they were made. Did they use a matte laminate, with a conventional Spot UV, topping it off with a foil embossing? If I take off the dust jacket on a hardbound book, what lies beneath it? Is it a three-piece case with cloth on the spine, with paper sides? And how about the foil stamping? Did they go with a conventional gold, or did they try copper to enhance the beauty of the cloth and papers they chose? They maybe went crazy with multiple colors of foil. Did they deboss their imprint? Whew! Who knew there were sooo many options.

Why in the world do I get so excited about all these cover options? Probably because I can see these beauties being created right here at Core Publishing Solutions every day. Whether you are looking to produce either a paperback, or a hardbound book (printed or stamped), we have the ability to meet your fancy cover needs.LicensedToLie-Adjust

Depending on whether your fancy cover aspirations are on a printed or stamped cover, will determine the production processes necessary to complete the project. Rest assured, that your dedicated account manager can guide you through it.


  • Spot UV on Laminate
  • Embossing with or without Foil on Laminate
  • Both Spot UV and Embossing on Laminate



  • 3-piece case with a combination of materials
  • Multiple color foil on a multitude of in-house or custom-order materials (up to 6 foil colors)
  • Debossing
  • Burnishing on Custom materials
  • Options are also available for flexible covers, i.e., used on Bibles and Journals

Have we gotten your creative mind activated? Would you like to see some samples of our work?

We are here to help you realize your creative cover dreams!


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Surviving a Midwest Winter . . .

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Apr 17, 2019 7:04:10 AM

April 9, 2019: As I sit here, preparing for the latest publisher conference, I reflect on how we survive as Printers. Similar to the US Postal Service, we provide book printing services come rain, shine, AND Blizzards. This has been an exceptional year of records for us in the Midwest. We had the 5th snowiest winter on record (that record could go even higher this week), and we already broke the record for the snowiest February in history. We are a hardy bunch, and push through the elements to ensure that we provide the best customer service possible even when the weather is against us. We even cancelled an annual tornado drill because of the recent blizzard and flooding. Another statistic I’d like to share, is that we are listed as #71 Printer on the Printing Impressions Top 400 Printers list for 2018. That’s a statistic that doesn’t make me sad.

A little bit about us: We are located in Eagan, Minnesota. Historically known as West Publishing, we have been in the book printing business since the late 1800s. We were purchased by Thomson in 1997, and then Thomson bought Reuters in 2008, which evolved us into Thomson Reuters. So, who in the world is Core Publishing Solutions?

As I mentioned, we have been printing books since the 1800s. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that we began our outreach to external publishers (we call them 3rd party customers), to provide book manufacturing services for others. A group of creative minds got together, and came up with our new name, Core Publishing Solutions. We had never really marketed ourselves to the outside up to this point, since we were predominantly an “in-plant” printer.

Our external outreach began to evangelize our capabilities as a Commercial Printer. It started as a one-person team, who helped invent our first website It was full of frames, and pictures, color, and Sooo much information. The more the better, right?? That outreach worked! We started attending conferences for trade publishers, university presses, and in most recent years, faith-based publishing events.

We keep evolving . . . with a larger team, a clear focus to provide premium customer service, more marketing, and a new and improved website, current with the times, including video. Our plant continues to invest in the latest technologies for workflow, inkjet technologies, and offset presses. We are here for the long haul, to focus on what we do best . . . print books. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (yes, the seasons do get confused here!). And, we just don’t print them, we can warehouse and fulfill for you, too!

To really get an in-depth view of our capabilities, click here to be directed to our 2018 Guide to Book Manufacturing. It literally takes you through every department in our facility.

Just so you know I’m telling you the truth about our ability to survive, Here we are in full-living color!





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2018 Paper Pickle

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Aug 23, 2018 9:40:45 AM



Publishers will have to contend with a continually changing paper industry in the 4th quarter of 2018 and into the foreseeable future. As a result, it will be more important than ever for publishers to be aware of those changes as they happen. It is a great opportunity for publishers to build a better relationship with their print partners by understanding what is happening in the paper market. Built from deep-rooted relationships with our experienced paper merchants, we communicate daily to receive industry reports and, paper data, all in real time with the market. There is a close eye kept on the market, using other credible sources to further educate and prepare ourselves for the uncertain future. We would love to share information that is received daily about the current paper industry and what is being done to support our partnerships.

State of the Industry

Due to the shutting down of several mills, there has been a significant decline in paper availability for both uncoated and coated paper due to the reduction in capacity in the North American market. These market capacity reductions place stress on the market by reducing paper availability and, creating challenges for printing companies to meet publisher demands. In fact, without a contract, finding paper can result in long wait times and some mills are having to refuse business due to the shortage. This trend is expected to continue well into 2019.

Over the course of the next six months and even into next year, the experts believe the industry will continue to see market pricing pressures. It is anticipated that there will be more machine conversions and consolidations in the paper industry. Fortunately, we forecast our needs far in advance to understand what will be needed to complete all our publishing partner’s jobs.

As the market shrinks, it is anticipated there being less paper options. Many of the color and finish options will be discontinued or phased out because of the reduced capacity in the market.

Statistics on the Current Market:

  • Uncoated groundwood and uncoated freesheet demand increased 5.8% and 0.03%, respectively. Whereas coated groundwood and coated freesheet demand decreased by 5.3% and 10.2%, respectively.
    • This equates to a 20% capacity reduction in coated freesheet capacity for 2018.
    • Under these circumstances, Verso expects prices to raise 8.9% for coated freesheet and 9.8% for coated groundwood.
  • Catalyst Paper has sold three of its locations to Nine Dragons, a Chinese company, for $175 million. However, Catalyst Paper still has several locations in Canada and a sales office that is in Seattle, Washington that are unaffected by the deal.
  • With the recent acquisition of Catalyst by Nine Dragons, they now control 5.6% of the coated freesheet market, 36.2% of the coated groundwood market, and 16.2% of the uncoated groundwood market. Although it is unsure of their intentions, Nine Dragons may covert the machines to produce other paper, or transfer the pulp to another location.


Helpful Tips for Publishers
  • Communicating you needs in advance, provides the best opportunity for us to ensure that we will secure the needed paper supply at the most competitive price available.
  • Reading and understanding industry trends, we will better understand one another.
  • View your printer as a partner – we’re here to work together for a common goal.
  • Testing files with printers will help avoid costly reruns.
  • Ask questions, be assertive – we’re here to provide solutions to your problems.
    CPS In-house Paper List

How Can We Help?

  • We have long standing, 20+ year relationships with three mills who’ve endured the industry for over 60 years.
  • Each day, we receive industry reports, paper data, all in real time with the market that helps us be proactive instead of reactive as the market changes.
  • Thanks to our Make and Hold program with our vendors, we’re able to receive paper within two to three days for certain grades.
  • We have a 1.3 million square foot manufacturing facility, and a substantial amount is allocated toward the storage of paper.


Market demand has decreased, availability is deficient, uncoated and especially coated paper has grown costly; however, these aspects of the industry are no match for the combination of our established relationships with paper merchants, experts within Thomson Reuters and our effectiveness in doing business. By working together, we believe that we can build a partnership by exceeding your expectations by getting you the paper you need and, producing superior quality books: All within your timeline and at a great price.


Thank you,

The Print Experts at Thomson Reuters Core Publishing Solutions


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