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"It's all in the wrist . . . I mean, the List!"

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Mar 26, 2020 10:29:54 AM

BPM services at your fingertips!

When someone says, “Gee, it’s all in the wrist” they are usually touting their specific expertise. The 
male golfer in putting green about to put the ball in the holephrase dates way back to the late 1800s, in reference to tennis skills. But, be it tennis pro, golfer, magician, bowler, there are famous people who say this as a means to be humble, yet acknowledging your compliments regarding their ability. Let me tell you, I’ve got some mean miniature golfing skills!

In my normal fashion, I went searching to see how many times I can recall hearing this famous phrase iterated in a movie. I scanned the decades, and found a few that I have viewed. How many of these movies do you recognize “it’s all in the wrist” being used? (I would love to hear if any others popped into your head.) By the way, I am a movie buff, and have an extensive personal library. I could open up my own local Blockbuster franchise.

  • Miracle on 34th Street, when Kris showed the “fake” Santa how to use the whip to drive the reindeer during the Macy’s Day parade
  • Sabrina – 1955 version with Audrey Hepburn. She said “New egg. It’s all in the wrist.”
  • Octopussy – 1993 with Roger Moore as James Bond
  • Tron – Legacy – by Jeff Bridges
  • And even in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs II, while the son learned how to fish.
  • There's a spin-off of the phrase (maybe a stretch) in Happy Gilmore, where he says "It's all in the hips!"

Blue Mailbox with Mails Isolated on WhiteIn our case, “it’s all in the list!”
We are experts in processing mailing lists!

Large or small, single unit packaging, or multi-pack. You could say, but Vickie, it’s all in your head . . . but no, I assure you, I am not making this up.


When it comes to List Processing, "It’s all in the little details,"
and here are just a handful:

1. We will run a provided list through CASS services to verify that the list complies with USPS address / zip+4 rules.

2. If needed, we can process through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to guarantee you are not sending product to bad addresses.

3. What packaging needs are required? We have lots of options!

4. Is there a certain type of label template that is needed for your packages? We have many templates on hand, and will create a custom label if needed.

5. We can handle both domestic and international addresses, at below published shipping rates!

6. All services provided by our dedicated Distribution team.

If you are looking to send out to your pre-sales book list, newsletter or magazine list, or even distribute an educational book to your students across the globe, we are here for you.

AND . . . if your needs include warehousing and distribution services, that's one our expertise's, too. We have over 500,000 square feet of space, and currently manage 90,000+ SKUs from one location. Check out this link for more details. Delivering your Products through CPS

"It's all part of the experience" . . . the CPS experience.


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BINDERS, BINDERS, everywhere!

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Nov 19, 2019 8:00:17 AM


BINDER (definitions) Noun.

Business word in dictionary emphazised by a magnifying glass
  1. A substance used to make other substances or materials stick or mix together.
  2. A reaping machine that binds grain into sheaves.
  3. A short document showing an agreement between a buyer and seller.
  4. An informal agreement that gives insurance coverage while you are waiting for a policy to be formally issued.
  5. Someone who binds.


The list goes on and on. When I looked up the word, I couldn’t believe the results I found. How can a simple noun be used in so many unique ways? This blog research did trigger another childhood memory. Growing up in a small town in North Dakota, if we ever asked my 6th grade teacher what a word meant, she would look at us and say (with her head bobbling to and fro) “Ask Mr. Webster.” In the 21st Century version of the story, that same request could be met with “just Ask Dr. Google!” I know that he is my best friend.


This Thanksgiving, I will be using seasoned bread crumbs as a Binder in my Mom’s famous Swedish Meatball recipe. It is a family favorite. I need to be sure I don’t forget the 3 tablespoons of milk or cream to allow those bread crumbs to expand. Otherwise, there could be a family feud to get the last one, because there won’t be as many in the slow cooker.


Ball of rubber bands isolated over a white backgroundThe one definition of Binder that is not listed in any printed or on-line dictionary that I could find AND is one that totally took me by surprise, was introduced when I moved to Minnesota. I asked a colleague if they had any binders, because I was printing out a user manual and I wanted to keep it together. I was dumbfounded when they delivered a handful of Rubber Bands! NO, I wanted a Binder, like a Three-Ring Binder, maybe 1” thick. I have lived here for over 25 years, and I still haven’t adjusted to that one.


Here at Core Publishing Solutions, we epitomize definition number 5 (v) – Someone who binds.
We have many binders (not just the rubber variety):

  • Muller Martini Hybrid Alegro Binder with 27 pockets
  • Kolbus Binder with 40 pockets
  • Muller Martini Binder with 40 pockets
  • Horizon BQ470 Perfect Binder for shorter run Book projects
  • Magnum Flexbook Binder for Inkjet Digital Book Blocks


Depending on the book, after it is gathered or glued, it can be finished in many ways – Perfect Bind, Burst Bind (case adhesive), Smyth Sewn, then Cased-in, and Dust Jacketed. Even these binders “make other substances or materials stick or mix together” just like the bread crumbs in my Meatballs! By the way, if you’d like my recipe, click here.


If you ever find yourself In A Bind, and need a Binder, please look to Core Publishing Solutions. I think we might have the right Binder for you! For more detailed information on all of our offerings, you can download our Guide To Book Manufacturing!

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What's at your Core?

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Oct 15, 2019 10:40:49 AM


EarthCorePicDoes anybody know if they still require Middle School students to create a Science project around the Earth’s core? Those late nights when parents assist, (or complete, because they want you to get a good grade) where participants are full of excitement, anxiety and covered in lots of plaster of Paris or modeling clay. To refresh your memory, the earth’s layers are the Crust, the Mantle, and the Outer and Inner core. Yes, I did need to look it up!


apple in red half beaten isolated over a white backgroundThis might sound silly, but have you ever thought about the core of an apple? The apple has its own set of layers. You have the outer skin (if you have picky kids, you need to peel that off before serving), the meaty flesh which is so tasty, and the Core. In this scenario, think about that poor Core. It just gets thrown away 90% of the time, unless you have one of those fancy juicers. There is apparently a small bit of cyanide in the seeds, but you’d have to eat over 150 apples in a short period of time for it to have any adverse effect on your health. The Core has gotten a bad rap on so many levels.


In looking at these examples, it correlates indirectly to the various layers of a business. Gee, we even named our company with Core in mind. When you take a look at the outer crust of a business, you hope that it represents and protects what’s underneath – the core values they stand by, and the core competencies they execute on each day. This is something we strive for, even amidst the ever-changing print industry and the technology that goes with it.


Let’s look at our core:

  • One- and 2-color book printer, since the late 1800s, with both offset and digital solutions
  • Committed to quality work, focusing on lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement initiatives
  • State-of-the-art Equipment, both hardware and software technologies
  • A customer service team that excels in communicating with our partners on a daily basis


Thomson Reuters has a set of values that go even deeper than our core competencies. Here are just a few: Trust, Integrity, Transparency. We don’t throw away the Core. We want to nurture all of the seeds that helped us grow to the business we are today. Core Publishing Solutions:  Flexible, Scalable, Reliable.



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