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Have you ever judged a Book by its Cover?

Posted by Vickie Jensen on Jul 24, 2019 9:23:41 AM

The English idiom "don't judge a book by its cover" is a phrase that means we shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something by only its outward appearance. That said, how many of us have done just that . . . literally?

I think about the numerous times I browse a book stores' shelves, and the "pretty" covers are the first things that jump out at me -- taunting me to look inside the dust jacket of a hard cover book, or immediately flip a paperback on its back, to read the summary and reviews of other famous authors. The pretty cover ploy drew me in, just like they thought it would.

In fact, I'm not just drawn to fancy book covers, I am fascinated by them, dissecting them to determine how they were made. Did they use a matte laminate, with a conventional Spot UV, topping it off with a foil embossing? If I take off the dust jacket on a hardbound book, what lies beneath it? Is it a three-piece case with cloth on the spine, with paper sides? And how about the foil stamping? Did they go with a conventional gold, or did they try copper to enhance the beauty of the cloth and papers they chose? They maybe went crazy with multiple colors of foil. Did they deboss their imprint? Whew! Who knew there were sooo many options.

Why in the world do I get so excited about all these cover options? Probably because I can see these beauties being created right here at Core Publishing Solutions every day. Whether you are looking to produce either a paperback, or a hardbound book (printed or stamped), we have the ability to meet your fancy cover needs.LicensedToLie-Adjust

Depending on whether your fancy cover aspirations are on a printed or stamped cover, will determine the production processes necessary to complete the project. Rest assured, that your dedicated account manager can guide you through it.


  • Spot UV on Laminate
  • Embossing with or without Foil on Laminate
  • Both Spot UV and Embossing on Laminate



  • 3-piece case with a combination of materials
  • Multiple color foil on a multitude of in-house or custom-order materials (up to 6 foil colors)
  • Debossing
  • Burnishing on Custom materials
  • Options are also available for flexible covers, i.e., used on Bibles and Journals

Have we gotten your creative mind activated? Would you like to see some samples of our work?

We are here to help you realize your creative cover dreams!


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